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Gas analysis system

Gas analysis system for control of the composition of the incoming, semifinished and finished products.

  • Analysis of LNG
  • Analysis of pyrolysis products
  • Monitoring of composition of gases in gas fractionation units
  • Analitical systems for products of cryogenic condensation processes
  • Analysis of products of Claus process

Pyrolysis gas analysis system

Designed on the basis of the Process Gas Chromatograph MAG complex provides an effective and rapid flow analysis of pyrolysis gases, allowing you to control the technological process. Replacing the classic laboratory analysis, analytical complex allows to obtain real-time data of the component composition of pyrolysis gas, its calorific value and methane number. The data from complex controls the mixing unit and homogenization, quality of pyrolysis gas, corresponding to the specified parameters, even in those circumstances where the feedstock is unpredictable.

LNG analysis system

Functions of systen for LNG analysis include receiving instantaneous and average values of next streams:

LNG analysis at loading in the shipping container (С1-С5+, СО2, N2, O2)

analysis of initial product (С1-С6+, СО2, N2, O2, H2O, Hg)

analysis of component composition in the storage tank of LNG (С1-С5+, СО2, N2, O2)

separation gas analysis (С1-С2+, СО2, N2, Н2)

analysis of boil gas (С1-С4+, СО2, N2)

Gas analysis for gas fractionation units

Complex consists of chromatographic units with systems of primary and secondary sample preparation systems.

The complex provides analysis of liquified natural gas at the outlet of gas fractioning unit, propane fraction analisys, analysis of C4-C6, propane-butane fraction, C5-C6, hexane fractions. The data of analysis is transfered to ACS of plant by any output by request..

Analitical systems for products of cryogenic condensation processes

Analysis of products of Claus process

BACS - Bureau of Analiytical Complexes and Systems

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