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Process GC PGC 90.50

PGC 90.50 - is a reliable, time-tested development, combining the European technology adapted to the specific conditions of the Russian operation. Chromatograph has a modular construction, it can be used for both classical chromatographic analysis and for the analysis of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans in petroleum and analysis hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide in amine absorbents (using patented modules).

  • Classic chromatographic analysis
  • Analysis of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans
  • Analysis of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide in amine absorbents


Chromatographs PGC 90.50 perfectly show themselves in the analysis of polluted and acid gases due to the use of classical chromatographic columns, which is easy to maintain and optionally regenerate by purging at any laboratory. Supplied with a spare set of chromatographic columns and spare parts for two years of operation. The device automatically disconnects the power in case of absence of a carrier gas.


Analysis of gas component composition according to GOST 31371,7, ISO 6974

Analysis of sulfur compounds in natural gas according to GOST 53367, ASTM D 7493, ISO 19739

Analysis of H2S and CO2 in the amine absorbents MVI 07101.00181-2008 / 2011

Analysis of hydrogen sulfide in the molten sulfur

Analysis of component composition of liquefied gases according to GOST 10679, GOST 54484-2011, ASTM D 259

Determination of H2S and mercaptans in oil

Determination of composition of the gas reformer

Measurement of impurities in ethylene

Measuring impurities in propylen

Measuring impurities in butylen

Measuring impurities in butadien

Composition measurement in shale, coke, blast and bio-gas, the calculation of the heat of combustion


Explosion proof marking


The detection limit for propane (TCD)

not more than 1*10-8 г/см3

The detection limit for hydrogen sulfide (ECD)

not more than 2*10-10 г/см3

Carrier gas

Helium А purity 99.995%

Measured components PGC 90.50

С1-С8, СО2, N2+O2, sour gas

Measured components PGC 90.50 S

H2S, C1SH - C4SH

Analysis time PGC 90.50

not more than 11 minutes

Analysis time PGC 90.50 S

not more than 18 minutes

Carrier gas consumption

not more than 40 ml/min.


RS232, RS485, Modbus RTU/TCP, Ethernet

BACS - Bureau of Analiytical Complexes and Systems

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